A Capable Partner for the Biopharmaceutical Industry and Laboratories

Sartorius is a leading international pharmaceutical and laboratory equipment supplier. With our innovative products and services, we are helping our customers across the entire globe to implement their complex and quality-critical biomanufacturing and laboratory processes reliably and economically. Sustainability, Openness, Enjoyment - these corporate values are the foundation for innovation and competitive strength at Sartorius. Our values connect us with our customers and business partners just as they do with our investors and society at large - worldwide.

Innovative Technologies Enable Medical Progress

A growing number of medications are biopharmaceuticals. These are produced using living cells in complex, lengthy and expensive procedures. The Bioprocess Solutions Division provides the essential products and technologies to accomplish this. In fact, Sartorius has been pioneering and setting the standards for single-use products that are currently used throughout all biopharmaceutical manufacturing processes.

Making Lab Life Easier

Lab work is complex and demanding: Despite repetitive analytical routines, lab staff must perform each step in a highly concentrated and careful way for accurate results. The Lab Products and Services Division helps lab personnel excel because its products, such as laboratory balances, pipettes and lab consumables, minimize human error, simplify workflows and reduce physical workloads.

Sartorius in Facts and Figures

Sartorius is investing in its research and development and in its sales structures, as well as further expanding its portfolio through alliances and acquisitions to continue to grow sustainably and profitably in the future as well. At the focus of these activities are the high-growth markets in North America and Asia.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Sustainability is one of the core values firmly anchored in Sartorius’s corporate culture. It is our primary entrepreneurial responsibility to offer our customers attractive products and solutions. Innovation as well as strategic and operating excellence are the keys to accomplishing this mission. To us, sustainability means that we pursue our corporate objectives from a long-term perspective while clearly addressing social and ecological concerns. We believe that proactive administration of our social and ecological duties is not a means to compensate for our economic actions, but rather is one of the key drivers of our success.

Who we are

Founded in 1870 in Goettingen, Germany, Sartorius today is a joint stock company with production facilities, sales subsidiaries and local commercial agencies in more than 110 countries. Sartorius currently employs more than 6,200 people globally, of which around 38% are based in Germany. In fiscal 2015, the Sartorius Group earned sales revenue of 1,114.8 million euros according to preliminary figures. Sartorius has been listed in the TecDax technology index since 2012.


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