• Enabling Broader Adoption Of Process Intensification In Biopharma

    PI is becoming increasingly well-understood and its utility is continuously evolving to meet specific manufacturer needs, from product development to manufacturing, whether approached stepwise or end-to-end.

  • How Customer Forecasts Support The Integrity Of The Biopharma Supply Chain

    Receiving customer forecasts as early and as completely as possible is critical to the success of the supply chain continuum.

  • Managing Frozen Transport Logistics In The Biopharmaceutical Cold Chain

    As biopharmaceutical manufacturing grows increasingly global, the production and transport networks required to keep operations running smoothly become more complex.  This paper provides a framework for making challenging decisions linked to cold chain management before outlining potential solutions that could solve many of the issues surrounding the frozen transfer of biopharmaceuticals.

  • Transforming Your Biopharma Automation Capabilities

    The seamless functionality of single-use technology equipped with a scalable distributed control system (DCS) empowers you to capture the benefits of collecting and sharing data while simultaneously creating a connected enterprise that grows with the pace of your business.

  • Improving The Supply Of Single-Use Technologies

    The use of single-use technologies has been growing steadily over the past decade, but there are challenges. Explore the potential solutions for single-use supply constraints.

  • Biologics Discovery: Picking Winners & Losers

    Glympse Bio is developing bio-engineered, in-vivo diagnostic technologies that could offer biologics developers earlier insight into target engagement and therapeutic response. That spells big implications on translational research, speed to clinic, and time to market.

  • CSL Behring Evaluation: New System For Cryogenic Transportation And Short-Term Storage

    The potential logistical benefits of the VIA Capsule™ system for the cryogenic transportation and short-term storage of cryopreserved cell products was evaluated. CSL Behring gathered data from two independent shipments from Pasadena, California, to King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, and back, using the VIA Capsule™ shipper.

  • Qualification Summary: Shippers For Celsius® FFT | FFTp 12L With Safecore™ Technology

    Since it is not possible to anticipate every possible transport route, a set of industry-recognized tests was selected to represent a challenging use scenario. The two main risks to frozen material during transport are mechanical and thermal. In this note we have evaluated the  Celsius® FFT | FFTp Box Shipper and Celsius® FFT | FFTp Bulk Shipper using the ASTM D-4169 test for mechanical risks and the ISTA 7D test for thermal risks.

  • In-Process Control Of pDNA Production On CIMac™ pDNA Analytical Column

    As the demand for plasmid DNA (pDNA) based gene therapy and vaccines increases, large-scale, cost-effective, and reproducible pDNA production is required. The key to success is a real-time in-process control method that ensures a high percentage of supercoiled pDNA in the final product. Read how the CIMac™ pDNA Analytical Column allows the monitoring of degradation products (open circular and linear pDNA), the removal of impurities (RNA), and ensures that each production step yields the amount of supercoiled pDNA anticipated.

  • Protein A Resin Reduction Achieved With Process Transfer From Batch To BioSMB

    A biopharmaceutical manufacturer was looking to reduce the operating costs of existing purification steps with high resin costs. In this case study they review transferring an existing batch chromatography process into a multi column format and then scaling up that process to an continuous perfusion run. The result was a dramatic reduction in protein A resin requirements.


The HP 5073 MIMS System is available with an autosampler and an optional MIMS inlet capable of

Scaling down size, scaling up capabilities

Cost and speed are critical components in biomanufacturing. A compact chromatography system easily adjusted to fit projects needs can help you stay on top of this—whether you are developing a process or manufacturing at pilot scale.

Ambion’s Armored RNA technology is a patented method for producing ribonuclease resistant RNA

Organizations need to manage chemicals safely from receipt to disposal along the entire lab-to-plant value chain, ensuring Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) compliance across the enterprise.

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Fully scalable single-use bioreactor family.