The ZE5 Cell Analyzer is an innovative new flow cytometer with flexible configurations to meet a broad range of experimental complexities and throughput needs. Whether it’s a low-complexity, or a high-complexity experiment, the ZE5 Analyzer has up to 30 parameters and provides a truly expandable flow cytometer. This flexibility makes the ZE5 Analyzer accessible for novice flow cytometry users yet flexible enough for the most experienced flow cytometry professionals

Pegasus Protect virus prefiltration combines with Pegasus Prime virus filtration to deliver the first gamma-sterilized pre-filter & virus filter combination. Together, these simplify process development, validation and operations while saving time and delivering improved process economy.

Fully scalable single-use bioreactor family.

Organizations need to manage chemicals safely from receipt to disposal along the entire lab-to-plant value chain, ensuring Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) compliance across the enterprise.

We can prepare small or large quantities of adherent or suspension cell cultures, according to your specifications, in our large cell culture facility
Elemental Microanalysis of Carbon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Sulfur, and Oxygen

Using feedback from the market and the latest elemental analysis technology, the TruSpec Micro elemental analyzer delivers optimal performance in carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, sulfur, and oxygen determination in small samples (1 to 10 mg).