• ambr® 250 modular Single-Use Benchtop Bioreactor With Simplified Operation For Increased Productivity

    The ambr® 250 modular is an innovative new high performance benchtop bioreactor system for parallel microbial or cell culture in 100 - 250 mL single-use vessels.

  • Virosart® Virus Filters: Highest Virus Safety For Your Patient

    Next generation virus clearance concepts with Reliable retention under all circumstances.

  • BIOVIA Brand Profile

    BIOVIA, Dassault Systèmes supports science-based industries by providing a scientific collaborative environment for advanced biological, chemical and materials experiences. BIOVIA solutions including molecular modeling & simulation, data science, scientific and laboratory informatics, formulation design, quality & compliance and manufacturing analytics are used by more than 2,000 companies globally.

    Digitizing Scientific Innovation
    In today’s experience economy, the capability to develop, simulate and produce breakthrough experiences at the molecular level delivers transformational value for enterprises of all industries. BIOVIA is committed to help customers drive innovation, increase productivity, improve quality and compliance, reduce costs and accelerate time to market with a comprehensive software portfolio.

  • Data Science - BIOVIA Pipeline Pilot

    BIOVIA offers a comprehensive collection of solutions to support the development, maintenance and deployment of data science solutions. Lower the barrier to Artificial Intelligence with our prebuilt Machine Learning architectures or easily integrate your own from 3rd party tools such as Python and R. Expand the use and reuse of data, democratize advanced techniques and foster a knowledge-driven culture.

    BIOVIA Pipeline Pilot enables scientists to rapidly create, test and publish data science solutions that automate accessing, processing, modeling and reporting scientific data in a graphically-based, code-free environment. Additional libraries of out-of-the-box capabilities can also operationalize advanced scientific analyses and machine learning as enterprise tools.

  • Molecular Modeling & Simulation - BIOVIA Discovery Studio

    BIOVIA modeling and simulation software allows scientists to perform computations of chemical, biological and materials properties; to simulate, visualize and analyze chemical and biological systems; and to communicate the results to other scientists. Scientists can investigate and test hypotheses in silico prior to costly experimentation, reducing the time and expense involved in bringing products to market.

    BIOVIA Discovery Studio life science modeling and simulation application supports in silico target identification and lead optimization using a wealth of trusted life science modeling and simulation methods.

  • Molecular Modeling & Simulation - BIOVIA Materials Studio

    BIOVIA modeling and simulation software allows scientists to create better performing, safer and more cost-effective products by connecting the virtual and real worlds to test concepts with minimum risk and lower costs.

    BIOVIA Materials Studio materials modeling and simulation application helps researchers predict and connect a material’s atomic and molecular structure with its properties and behavior.

  • Scientific Informatics - BIOVIA Science Cloud

    BIOVIA’s solutions for Scientific Informatics are purpose-built to capture, store, manage and mine scientific data and information both on premises and in the cloud. Through this combined portfolio, we provide comprehensive data visualization and analysis software enabling scientists to convert raw data into actionable insight.

    BIOVIA ScienceCloud is a scalable cloud solution that supports collaboration across research, development and quality control, providing a secure, unified environment for informatics solutions from BIOVIA.

  • Single-Use Filtration And Sensor Solutions

    Whether you need simple (PDS) transfer sets or very complex assemblies, such as a PUPSIT (Pre-Use-Post-Sterilization-Integrity-Test) configuration, Sartorius will help you find the perfect design. Our experts can help you standardize and harmonize your single-use world, no matter how complex it seems today.