Drug Discovery Featured Articles & Applications

  1. Optimizing Clinical Outcomes For Challenging Molecules With Lipid-Based Drug Delivery Systems

    This article takes an in-depth look at how lipid-based drug delivery systems can be used as a bioavailability enhancing technology, as well as the softgel dosage form for their delivery.

  2. Innovations For The Evolving Patient-Centric Clinical Trials Description

    Insights on how patient-centric options are extending to clinical trial design, with sponsors considering how clinical trial materials can be formulated, packaged, and delivered in a manner that is efficacious.

  3. Pediatric Drug Delivery: Challenges And Solutions

    A Q&A session with formulation and bioavailability experts on addressing formulation challenges for pediatric populations.

  4. Manufacturing Process Scale-Up For Phase III

    The reality is that several manufacturability problems could be brewing that will rain down during Phase III and cause costly delays, no matter how skilled the product and process may be.

  5. Cold-Chain Fully Automated Assembly and Labeling of Pre-Filled Syringes for Clinical Trials

    Cold is undeniably the new normal for the biopharmaceutical industry. By 2020, greater than half of bestselling drugs will be cold-chain products, most of which are injectable.

  6. Smaller Biotech Companies and the Single-Source CDMO

    A single-source CDMO that manages the end-to-end relationship with pharmaceutical or biopharmaceutical clients can bring many benefits and efficiencies to the development process.

  7. A Single-Vendor CDMO Eases Communication Flow

    A single vendor CDMO offers access to a network of experts across several disciplines who can share knowledge about a project as it moves from phase to phaseon a path toward commercial success.

  8. New Resource Saves Drug Developers Time and Money

    In the pharmaceutical industry, speed is of the essence. As drug developers face increasing pressure to get formulations to market as efficiently as possible, the CDMO industry is evolving to meet this need.

  9. Bringing The Single-Vendor Approach To The Pharma Industry

    As drug developers face increasing pressure to get their products to market as quickly as possible, the CDMO industry is evolving to meet this need by offering end-to-end services.

  10. Solving The OOS Problem With Continuous Manufacturing

    With continuous manufacturing, it is possible to monitor product quality continuously, and make adjustments in real time to keep the product in spec.