Drug Discovery Featured Articles & Applications

  1. Business and Cultural Considerations When Managing Clinical Supplies for Asia-Pacific Studies

    In addition to careful adherence with all applicable regulatory and Customs requirements, sponsors should understand and be sensitive to the cultural and business norms of each country included in their study.

  2. In-Line Conditioning Systems: Your Questions Answered

    Understand how in-line preparation of buffers from highly concentrated, single-component stock solutions saves both time and storage space.

  3. Automated In-Line Buffer Prep Saves Time And Facility Footprint

    Buffer preparation is both time-and space-consuming and can easily become a challenge in biomanufacturing. This application note describes a lean approach to buffer preparation by implementing in-line conditioning (IC).

  4. Overcoming Buffer Challenges With In-Line Conditioning

    How in-line conditioning (IC) can help reduce the number of hold tanks and floor space needed for buffer preparation and storage.

  5. Continuous Chromatography In Downstream Processing Of A Monoclonal Antibody

    In this study, periodic counter current (PCC) chromatography and straight-through processing (STP) technologies were evaluated in a continuous three-step monoclonal antibody (MAb) purification process.

  6. Buffer Management Solutions For Large-Scale Bioprocessing

    How outsourcing and technologies such as in-line conditioning (IC) and in-line dilution (ILD) can help prevent resource constraints, save time, and reduce manufacturing footprint and overall cost in buffer preparation.

  7. Complex Molecule Development: Early Considerations To Avoid Failing Later?

    How to understand and prepare for challenges early in development to avoid bottlenecks that significantly slow production and delay a drug’s time-to-market.

  8. Purification Workflow For The Production of Highly Pure Recombinant Proteins

    This robust purification process provides the product quality, productivity, and economics demanded by today’s downstream manufacturing.

  9. Isolation Of Individual Cells For Single-Cell Analysis

    A demonstration of a simple workflow to verify the reliability of the S3e Cell Sorter in sorting single cells.

  10. Automated mAb Workflows: Combining Multidimensional (Multi-D) Purifications With Product Analysis

    A demonstration of the development of a robust, high-quality, and automated Multi-D chromatography purification utilizing both tandem and multi-column configurations using ChromLab™ Software on an NGC Chromatography System.