Drug Discovery Featured Articles & Applications

  1. An Indexing Approach To ChemInformatics

    An index-based search to scientific computing applications while at the same time maintaining the benefits of hyper-scalability and ease of implementation.

  2. Rise In Targeted Therapies Drives Need For Flexible, Small-Volume Manufacturing

    Biologics, orphan drugs, and precision medicine are on the rise and that means some big changes for drug development and manufacturing companies. What should pharma companies look for when navigating this new era of small-volume manufacturing? Here are some ideas to consider when developing a new manufacturing strategy.

  3. Choosing The Best Sterile Dosage Form For Your Phase I Clinical Supply Needs

    When developing a parenteral product, pharmaceutical scientists are faced with a variety of choices – choices that can be conflicting or present differing advantages. With careful planning and strategic foresight, these advantages can be leveraged to great effect during the development program. Read the whitepaper to learn more.

  4. In-House Versus Outsource: A Decision-Making Guide

    Biopharmaceutical executives must consider how outsourcing fits into their development and production strategy, as well as how to select the best CDMO partner for their business. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help make that decision.

  5. Western Blot Detection: Is Film Or A Digital CCD Imager Better?

    Learn the benefits and drawbacks of using film or a CCD imager to detect the bound antibody in Western blotting, also known as immunoblotting.

  6. Stripping And Reprobing Western Blot Membrane: Problems And Solutions

    Ways of maximizing your Western blot membrane use by stripping and reprobing with another primary antibody.

  7. Stripping Membranes For Reprobing

    Detect more than one protein by chemiluminescence on the same Western blot membrane by stripping and reprobing the membrane with a different primary antibody.

  8. The How and Why of Normalizing Your Western Blots

    How normalization can help you be confident that your data is not being skewed by experimental errors.

  9. Cancer in the Age of Long Noncoding RNA Discovery

    The coming years will be an exciting era in genetic research as we discover new biological mechanisms and functions for noncoding RNAs. Our improved understanding of this class of genes should provide insight into novel treatments for cancers.

  10. Nunc Roller Bottles Excel With ST, Vero, And MDBK Cells Application Note

    A third-party study was conducted to compare the performance of Thermo Scientific™ Nunc™ Roller Bottles (1.2 and 2.5X) and 850 cm2 roller bottles from another supplier, for the culturing of ST, Vero, and MDBK cells.