Drug Discovery Featured Articles & Applications

  1. Improving Training In Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing

    Whether improvements in the delivery of training in biopharmaceutical manufacturing are needed is an open question, and the answers are not clear-cut. BioPlan recently conducted independent research to address this question.

  2. The Pharma Trends You Need To Know: A CDMO’s Perspective

    Companies must understand how today’s new pharmaceutical landscape is causing a dramatic shift in how we plan for and execute drug development and manufacturing.

  3. Are You Still Using Email And PDFs For External Collaboration?

    Pharma and biotech companies have invested heavily in externalized research, development, and manufacturing in recent years – but their methods of sharing critical data are still rarely fit for purpose.

  4. The Landscape Of Outsourced Work And How Tech Can Help Protect Data

    Brady Haggstrom, IDBS, looks at the changing landscape of drug development and delivery, which is more and more outsourced nowadays, and how technology can help protect sensitive research data.

  5. Multidimensional Scale-Up Of A Monoclonal Antibody Capture Step Contributes To Shortened Time To Market

    Fast and efficient process development and scale-up contributes to a shortened time to market. This application note demonstrates a multidimensional scale-up (change of both column diameter and bed height) of a mAb capture step, using the ÄKTA pilot 600 chromatography system.

  6. Process-Economy Simulation Of mAb Capture Step With Protein A Chromatography Resin

    Calculation examples that highlight scenarios where the enhanced capacity and alkaline‑stability of MabSelect PrismA can provide process economic benefits to large‑scale mAb processing.

  7. Multiplex Cytokine Immunoassays — Minimizing Effort, Maximizing Results

    The availability of commercial multiplex cytokine assays enables end users to interrogate an entire network of cytokines in a single sample.

  8. Flow Cytometry — A Gateway For Discovering More About Small Vesicles

    Just as good things come in small packages, small vesicles promise big biological impact

  9. Rapid, Sensitive Cancer Biomarker Screening In cfDNA

    Multiplex digital PCR enables tracking of treatment efficacy using liquid biopsies.

  10. Transforming Cancer Research: Digital PCR Technology Plays Integral Role At Cancer Research Center

    How  digital PCR technology is helping scientists in their quest to break through the current limits of nucleic acid detection and quantification.