With a rich heritage dating back hundreds of years, Cytiva brings a wealth of technical expertise and talent, a broad and deep portfolio, and exceptional service help researchers and biopharma advance therapeutics at every stage from discovery to delivery.

We supply the tools and support our customers need to work better, faster, and safer, leading to the delivery of transformative medicines to patients. Our combined portfolio includes well-recognized names such as Allegro™, Supor™, iCELLis™, and Kleenpak™, in addition to ÄKTA™, Amersham™, Biacore™, FlexFactory™, HyClone™, MabSelect™, Sefia™, Whatman™, and Xcellerex™. Visit cytiva.com to learn more.


  • MabSelect™ VL resin — protein L resin for affinity capture of antibody Fabs, bispecifics, and other variants containing a kappa light chain.

  • Supplements cell culture with amino acids, vitamins, and glucose and manufactured to meet cGMP manufacturing standards and QC specifications.

  • ÄKTA™ chromatography systems can handle both simple and complex purification tasks and accelerate daily routines. All systems are controlled by UNICORN™ software, a common control platform and user interface for all scales of operation. 

  • Cytiva provides filtration solutions and support for integrated bioprocessing applications at every step and every scale of the drug development, validation and manufacturing process.

  • We offer a range of systems, accessories, and reagents for label-free analysis using microcalorimetry or surface plasmon resonance (SPR). These techniques provide information-rich, real time data without the use of labels.

  • ÄKTA flux is a semi-automated tangential flow filtration/cross flow filtration system for concentration and diafiltration as well as cell harvest and clarification.

  • ÄKTA readyflux™ XL is the latest addition to our single-use filtration family. The system’s broad flow-rate range with a low hold-up volume and multiple filtration-control features provide versatility.

  • ÄKTA avant™ is a preparative chromatography system designed for fast and secure development of scalable methods and processes.

  • ÄKTA pure™ is a flexible and intuitive chromatography system for fast purification of proteins, peptides, and nucleic acids from microgram levels to tens of grams of target product in research scale applications. ÄKTA pure™ is a reliable system where hardware and UNICORN™ system control software are designed to work together with columns and media to meet any purification challenge.

  • ÄKTA start™ is a preparative chromatography system for laboratory-scale protein purification. ÄKTA start™ is designed as a stand-alone system, with an intuitive design, simple flow path, and user-friendly interface. With ÄKTA start™, it is easy to purify a wide variety of proteins using built-in quick start methods or predefined templates, or by creating your own methods.



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