• Drug Discovery: Picking The Winners & Losers

    Glympse Bio is developing bio-engineered, in-vivo diagnostic technologies that could offer biologics developers earlier insight into target engagement and therapeutic response. That spells big implications on translational research, speed to clinic, and time to market.

  • Computational Science: Disruption In Biopharma Discovery

    NeuBase Therapeutics CEO Dr. Dietrich Stephan discusses the important role computational drug discovery plays as we emerge from what he characterizes as “a decades-long, multi-billion-dollar chemical engineering escapade with a very low success rate to find one drug.

  • Are Dry Powder Biologics Ready For Primetime?

    A new approach to freezing biopharmaceuticals into fine, dry powders holds promise for flexible therapeutic form factors, efficacy improvements, and supply and distribution chain efficiencies. It's a particularly timely development in the age of COVID-19.

  • Mechanistic Action: Genesis Of A Biologics Pipeline?

    Cue Biopharma President & CSO Anish Suri, Ph.D. tells us why a partnership with The University Of Oxford to visualize the mechanistic action of molecules at the immunological synapse could provide insights that guide future drug discovery and development strategy.

  • Precision Medicine In Practice

    Precision medicine is bringing biopharma closer to the patient. The Christ Hospital Health Network Director Of Precision Medicine Dr. Burns Blaxall discusses why clinical-level practitioners are the key link between biopharmas and patients, and how AI is helping to define the practice.

  • A New Cost Paradigm For CAR Cell Therapies?

    Hear from Acepodia CEO Sonny Hsiao about his company's claims that its proprietary approach to conjugating novel natural killer cells could reduce the cost of cellular therapeutics.


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