Drug Discovery Featured Articles & Applications

  1. Recent Developments In ADC Technology: A Harbinger Of Future Clinical Trends

    The ADC field is in a transitional period. Older approaches to conjugate composition and dosing regimens still dominate the ADC clinical pipeline, but preclinical work is driving a rapid evolution in how we strategize to improve efficacy and reduce toxicity towards better therapeutic outcomes. In an indication of future directions for the field, antibody conjugates bearing non-cytotoxic small molecule payloads are being developed to reduce side effects associated with treatment of chronic diseases.

  2. Accelerate Complex Molecule Development by Optimizing Chemical Synthesis and Formulation

    The importance of optimizing the chemical synthesis and formulation processes in complex molecule development.

  3. Improved Bioavailability Of Trio Medicines In 12 Weeks

    Learn how a structured 3-step approach can help overcome the challenge of molecular characterization and a limited budget.

  4. Modular Approaches For Diverse Molecules: Reinventing Smart Bioprocessing

    Smart bioprocessing uses bioinformatics, lab-scale processing, and analytics to create efficient and cost-effective production processes that can be verified at lab-scale before scale-up.

  5. Efficient Purification Of The Pertussis Antigens Toxin, Filamentous Haemagglutinin, And Pertactin In Chromatography Workflows

    Read how this method resulted in higher purity and yield than what can be expected from a purification process based on salt precipitations and sucrose gradient centrifugation.

  6. Biacore™ Systems In Discovery And Early-Stage Development Of Biotherapeutic Antibodies

    See how a combination of Biacore instruments, software, sensor chips, and kits supports the setup of screening and characterization assays and reduces assay development efforts.

  7. How Label-Free Assays Are Employed In The Immunogenicity Workflow

    Examples of how label-free biophysical binding assays are successfully employed in all steps in the immunogenicity workflow to ensure confident detection, confirmation, and comprehensive characterization of immune responses.

  8. Concentration And Ligand-Binding Analyses In Late-Stage Development And Quality Control Of Biotherapeutics

    Review the use of Biacore for active concentration measurements, target binding, and Fc receptor (FcR) analysis along with the use of these assays for assessment of drug potency and stability.

  9. Accurate Comparability Assessment Of A Biosimilar Interferon In Process Development

    This application note describes how to achieve accurate comparability assessments using Biacore™ T200 and Amersham™ WB system in the development of a biosimilar.

  10. Protein Analysis With Size Exclusion Chromatography (SEC)

    This white paper presents fundamentals about analytical SEC and describes how our new-generation agarose-based SEC columns are used in analysis of biomolecules.