Current Headlines

  1. Sygnature Discovery Invests In High-Throughput Screening Capability

    Sygnature Discovery has added in-house high-throughput screening (HTS) to its range of drug discovery services. This is backed up by its new Leadfinder compound library

  2. NuChem Therapeutics Completed The Acquisition Of Amplia Pharmatek.

    NuChem Therapeutics, a drug discovery and development contract research organization (CRO) located in Montreal, specializing in synthetic and medicinal chemistry services, has just completed the acquisition of Amplia Pharmatek, a drug discovery and development CRO with a focus on biology.

  3. Small Molecule Glue That Distinguishes Mutant From The Wild-Type HTT Protein: Potential Entry Points For Huntington's Disease Drug Discovery

    Huntington's disease (HD) is one of the four major neurodegenerative diseases that have been most extensively studied. The clinical symptoms include uncontrolled dancing-mimicking behavior (chorea), as well as cognitive deficiency and psychiatric abnormalities.

  4. Pinteon Therapeutics Launches Phase 1 Trial Of Novel Tau Antibody That Targets A Potent Driver Of Neurodegenerative Disease

    Pinteon Therapeutics recently announced the launch of a Phase 1 trial of PNT001, a novel tau antibody that uniquely targets a toxic epitope known to drive neurodegenerative disease.

  5. NanoViricides Initiates Required Dermal Sensitization And Ocular Irritation Testing Of Lead Drug Candidate Towards IND

    NanoViricides, Inc. (the "Company"), a company with novel platform technology to treat difficult and life-threatening viral diseases, reports that it has initiated dermal sensitization and ocular irritation studies that are required to support the IND application of NV-HHV-101 moving towards human clinical trials.

  6. Advanced Microscopy Reveals Unusual DNA Structure

    An advanced imaging technique reveals new structural details of S-DNA, ladder-like DNA that forms when the molecule experiences extreme tension.

  7. Empowering Drug Discovery By Evaluating Antivirals In Thousands Of Single Cells

    A new enhancement to a lab-on-a-chip device allows researchers to simultaneously observe thousands of individual cells that are infected with a virus, providing important information about infection dynamics not available using traditional methods.

  8. Eurofins Discovery Elevates Its Impact In San Diego's Innovation Ecosystem By Enrolling As A Founding Sponsor Of BioLabs, San Diego

    Eurofins Discovery, a leading partner to drug discovery and development scientists, today announced a Founding Partner sponsorship agreement with BioLabs San Diego.

  9. AffyImmune Therapeutics Announces IND Approval For A First-In-Man Trial Of Affinity-Tuned CAR-T cells For Patients With Advanced, Refractory Thyroid Cancer

    AffyImmune Therapeutics, an emerging leader in CAR-T therapies, today announced FDA approval of the company's investigational new drug (IND) application for AIC100, an affinity-tuned CAR-T cell that received Orphan designation for advanced thyroid cancer.

  10. The Discovery Of Amgen's Novel Investigational KRAS(G12C) Inhibitor AMG 510 Published In Nature

    Amgen (NASDAQ: AMGN) today announced a publication in Nature unveiling the discovery of AMG 510, a small molecule inhibitor of KRASG12C being investigated as a treatment for a variety of solid tumors with KRAS G12C mutation.