Current Headlines

  1. HitGen Enters Into DNA-Encoded Library Based Drug Discovery Research Collaboration With Genentech

    HitGen Ltd recently announced that it has entered into a drug discovery research collaboration with Genentech, a member of the Roche Group, to identify potential small molecule leads against targets of interest to Genentech

  2. Safe Evaporative Sample Preparation Of High Potency APIs

    Genevac, an SP Scientific brand, recently provided a leading pharmaceutical company with a glovebox-enclosed version of its EZ-2 centrifugal evaporator to safely remove solvents from cytotoxic drug preparations.

  3. Synbal Joins BioLabs San Diego With A Fast-Track SBIR Grant From The NCI

    Synbal, Inc., a biotechnology company developing non-viral, cell-based gene therapy candidates for rare diseases, cancer, autoimmune and degenerative diseases, has been awarded a Fast-Track Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grant from the National Cancer Institute

  4. Tiziana Announces Initiation Of Phase 1 Clinical Trial With Nasal Administration Of Foralumab, A Fully Human Anti-Cluster Definition 3 Monoclonal Antibody (Anti-CD3 mAb), In Healthy Volunteers

    Tiziana Life Sciences plc (“Tiziana” or the “Company”), a UK biotechnology company that focuses on the discovery and development of novel molecules to treat human disease in oncology and immunology, previously announced that it had submitted an Investigational New Drug (IND) application on 1 June 2018 to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

  5. Q BioMed Inc Announces Acquisition Of Cancer Pain Drug Metastron™ From GE Healthcare

    Strategic Acquisition Gives Company Ownership of Brand Name Drug and Related Market Authorizations in 22 Countries in Which Metastron™ is Already Registered and Approved for Sale

  6. Nanoscale Blood Test Technique Set To Springboard Cancer Discoveries

    A technique to get more information from the blood of cancer patients than previously possible has been developed

  7. Virtual Library Of 1 Million New Macrolide Scaffolds Could Help Speed Drug Discovery

    Researchers from North Carolina State University have created the largest publicly available virtual library of macrolide scaffolds. The library – called V1M – contains chemical structures and computed properties for 1 million macrolide scaffolds with potential for use as antibiotics or cancer drugs

  8. New Technique For Identifying ‘Small’ Molecules Could Accelerate Drug Discovery And Manufacturing

    A UCLA-led team of scientists has developed a new technique that will enable researchers to easily and quickly determine the structures of organic molecules using very small samples

  9. Aileron Enters Clinical Trial Collaboration With Pfizer To Evaluate ALRN-6924 In Combination With IBRANCE® (Palbociclib) In MDM2-Amplified Cancers

    Aileron Therapeutics (NASDAQ: ALRN), the clinical-stage leader in the field of stabilized, cell-permeating peptides to treat cancer and other diseases, today announced that it has entered into a clinical trial collaboration with Pfizer to evaluate the combination of Aileron’s ALRN-6924 and Pfizer’s palbociclib, also known as IBRANCE®, in MDM2-amplified cancers.

  10. Cyclica Drives Drug Discovery Through AI-Augmented Integrated Network Of Cloud-Based Technologies Together With Bayer

    Cyclica (, a Bayer G4A company is pleased to announce a collaboration with Bayer to advance drug discovery programs by gaining insights into the polypharmacological profiles of small molecules, while further evolving Cyclica’s integrated network of enabling technologies