Newsletter | October 10, 2023

10.10.23 -- The Critical Role Of Medical Affairs In Discovery Through Phase 2 Clinical Trials



The Critical Role Of Medical Affairs In Discovery Through Phase 2 Clinical Trials

When is the right time to engage medical affairs? If you're not sure when MA should make its debut, consider these 11 unique medical affairs contributions that should begin in discovery, be directly connected to other cross-functional deliverables, and continue through launch to support a successful R&D program.


Are Drugs Becoming More Lipophilic Over Time?

Get a deeper look into how drug lipophilicity has evolved over time, its impact on drug development, and the need for new technology to enable new, more complex drugs.

Reducing Wastewater Incineration And Carbon Emissions

To reduce CO2 emissions and recycle higher volumes of solvent, drug manufacturers must engineer specialized approaches with flexible technologies that can be adapted to accommodate different products.

Components Of An Effective Disinfectant Prequalification Strategy

Cleaning procedures designed specifically to destroy microbial contaminants that may be present are an important component of any microbial control strategy.

Integrated First-In-Human Services To Streamline End-To-End Development And Manufacturing

Lonza’s SimpliFiH Solutions offering is designed to simplify and accelerate the development pathway, even for APIs with challenging properties, such as low aqueous solubility and poor bioavailability.

DPI Formulation Development And Manufacturing

The respiratory system provides an attractive drug-absorption target to treat local and systemic diseases and is increasingly used to deliver small molecules and biotherapeutics.


MAIA Biotechnology Announces FDA Clearance Of IND Application For THIO

SGC & HitGen Announce Research Collaboration Focused On DNA-Encoded Library Tech

FluoGuide Receives FDA Orphan Drug Designation For FG001 In High-Grade Glioma

Cabaletta Bio Receives FDA Clearance Of IND App For CABA-201

Chris Lorson On Fast Track For Spinal Muscular Atrophy Drug

Mini Livers Recreate Real Environment For Drug Discovery

New Tool Reveals How Drugs Affect Men, Women Differently

CARB-X To Develop An Oral Therapeutic To Treat Drug-Resistant CABP

IMIDomics Announces Strategic Agreement With WuXi Biologics To Advance IMB1001

Shasqi To Expand Existing Research Collaboration To Advance Targeted Cancer Treatment


Is Evaporation Important For Optical Biosensors?


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