Newsletter | November 15, 2023

11.15.23 -- Spray Drying Technology Developments For Challenging Combination Formulations

Engineering Approaches To Respiratory Drug Delivery

A head-to-head comparison of spray-dried and jet-milled mannitol for respiratory delivery reveals opportunities and risks for designing a product based on each approach. This case study describes how to use risk assessments to inform engineering technology selection and illustrates how particle morphology affects aerodynamic performance.


Lung Cancer Treatment By Inhaled Formulations

Lung cancer therapeutics are often administered indefinitely as maintenance treatments. Explore formulation and manufacturing considerations for development of dry-powder therapeutics for local treatment of lung cancer. Read how an approved drug — topotecan — is successfully formulated for DPI administration to the lung.


Spray-Drying Technology For Dry Powder Inhaler Combination Formulations

The simultaneous spray drying of multiple ingredients is a powerful technique for making inhaled products with multiple actives. Examine how novel spray-drying techniques can help make these products a reality. Learn how a simultaneous spray-drying approach might be used to manufacture combination therapies to treat lung cancer.


Simultaneous Spray Drying For Large/Small Molecule Combinations

Inhaled formulations are traditionally prepared by micronization and blending, but many APIs are not compatible with milling, including biologics. Gain insights into a “simul-spray” process pioneering for combining small and large molecules into a single, atomized drug product for inhalation administration.