Newsletter | March 26, 2024

03.26.24 -- Indo-U.S. Collaboration Can Accelerate Drug Discovery — Here's How


Indo-U.S. Collaboration Can Accelerate Drug Discovery — Here’s How

Innovation in drug discovery can suppress development costs, ultimately improving patient access. Collaborations between India and the U.S. promise to accelerate that innovation on several fronts.


Building A Broad Oncology Portfolio With SOTIO CEO Dr. Radek Špíšek

Establishing an organization that can manage a diverse development pipeline for oncology therapies requires an equally diverse wealth of expertise.

Diagnose Absorption Risks To Improve Preclinical And Clinical Outcomes

Physiologically based pharmacokinetic modeling is a powerful tool for clinical trial design that can be leveraged alongside early development experiments to reduce costs and accelerate timelines.

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back: IND Submission In Early Development

A panel of product development experts examines blind spots that can plague early development strategies, as well as important considerations when navigating the path toward an IND submission.

Defining A Process For Your Unique mRNA

Define a process for your unique mRNA with this interactive guide to pDNA, mRNA, and LNP production. Overcome challenges with solutions that can help you develop a next-generation production strategy.

Boost Drug Development Productivity With Contract Research Services

Find out how organ-on-a-chip contract research services are enabling the pharmaceutical industry to overcome the largest challenge in drug development — Eroom’s Law.

Simultaneous Spray Drying: Dry Powder Inhaler Combination Formulations

The simultaneous spray drying of multiple ingredients is a powerful technique for making inhaled products with multiple actives. Examine how novel techniques can make these products a reality.


Selvita Launches Biologic Drug Discovery And Development Services

Samsung Invests In BrickBio To Develop Biologics Using Protein Engineering Technology

Sanyou Bio And BioGeometry Partner On Antibody Drug Discovery Driven By AIGC

IPA Acquires The Carterra LSA Instrument To Enhance Antibody Discovery

Takeda Announces U.S. FDA Approval Of sNDA For ICLUSIG (Ponatinib) In Adult Patients

Cognizant To Apply Generative AI To Enhance Drug Discovery With NVIDIA BioNeMo

FDA Grants Cabaletta Bio ODD For CABA-201 For Treatment Of Systemic Sclerosis

U.S. FDA Accepts Journey Medical's NDA For DFD-29 For The Treatment Of Rosacea

Semarion Introduces SemaCyte Multiplexing Platform To Enhance Drug Discovery

DNAnexus Adds NVIDIA NIM And CUDA-X Microservices To Precision Health Data Cloud

Vertex Announces FDA Clearance Of IND Application For VX-407 For Treatment Of ADPKD


Controlled Expansion Of Supercritical Solutions (CESS) Technology

PBPK Predictive Modeling Services