Newsletter | February 6, 2024

02.06.24 -- AI's Role In Drug Discovery To Propel Personalized, Patient-Centric Medicine


AI's Role In Drug Discovery To Propel Personalized, Patient-Centric Medicine

AI-driven drug discovery and development represents a future where new medicines could become more precise and effective, better tolerated, and better tailored to an individual. This article shares an overview of how AI can help in this, and how we can work in a more active way toward this future.


Components Of An Effective Disinfectant Prequalification Strategy

Cleaning procedures designed specifically to destroy microbial contaminants that may be present are an important component of any microbial control strategy.

Nanoparticle Engineering: Revolutionizing Oral Drug Delivery

Technologies that can enhance solubility and bioavailability hold great potential to improve efficiency within development. Nanoparticle engineering has emerged as a promising solution to this problem.

Local Delivery For Treatment Of Lung Cancer

Explore two case studies where lung cancer therapies were delivered by dry powder inhaler in a rat model and evaluated for efficacy, confirming local delivery is a promising route to treat lung cancer.

Adapting To Change: API Custom Development And Manufacturing

A pharmaceutical company sought a development and manufacturing partner to assist with an in-licensed product originating from an emerging pharma company, a molecule in clinical Phase 2/3 trials.

Driving Sustainability In Spray Drying Through Enabling Technologies

By transitioning to alternative solvents or leveraging process aids, the challenges associated with the use of these chemicals can be addressed, helping create a sustainable, greener footprint.

Rapid, Material-Sparing Feasibility Screening For Hot Melt Extrusion

Discover a screening process to quickly assess HME feasibility that yields more accurate predictions for API loading and degradation while saving material and time compared to traditional approaches.


Inoviv Secures Investment To Expand Quantitative Proteomics Product Offerings

Opentrons Launches Automation Marketplace To Expand Lab Robotics Accessibility

Variational AI Announces Generative AI Project With Merck

New Research Hubs Established In The Greater Boston Area In The U.S. & Japan

Revolo Biotherapeutics Receives ODD From The U.S. FDA For Its First-In-Class Peptide

Glenmark & Ichnos Announced The Launch Of Their Alliance – Ichnos Glenmark Innovation

New Drug Reveals A Key Mechanism To Overcome Resistance To Protein Degraders

AlzeCure Selects Drug Candidate & Enters Next Phase Of Dev With TrkA-NAM ACD137

LifeArc Makes Investment To Support Drug Discovery In Sub-Saharan Africa

Yokogawa Introduces CellVoyager High-Content Analysis System CQ3000

Astellas Submits sNDA in Japan For PADCEV With KEYTRUDA For First-Line Treatment Of Advanced Bladder Cancer


How Biologic Therapeutics Are Developed

A Disruptive Technology Accelerating Drug Development

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