Local Delivery For Treatment Of Lung Cancer: Manufacturing Formulations For Dry Powder Inhaler By Spray Drying

Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer-related death in American adults. Treatment for advanced cases of lung cancer is challenging, and typically involves a combination of surgery, radiation, chemotherapy and immunotherapy. The majority of lung cancer drugs are administered systemically, leading to potential systemic toxicity, side effects, high cost of treatment, and patient compliance issues. Delivery by the inhalation route for this lung-focused disease is an ideal means to circumvent many of the drawbacks associated with lung cancer treatment.

Particle engineering is critical to the success of any inhalation product; particle size and density must be carefully tuned to ensure delivery to the deep lung. Spray drying enables scalable manufacture of right-sized particles of drug and lung-appropriate excipients, with good physical stability and performance. In this webcast, we discuss two case studies where lung cancer therapies were delivered to the lung by dry powder inhaler in a rat model and evaluated for efficacy. The results confirmed that local delivery is a promising route to treat lung cancer.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the pros and cons of existing lung cancer therapies
  • Identify how a locally-delivered dry-powder inhaler treatment may be advantageous to the patient.
  • Learn why spray drying is a useful particle engineering technique for manufacture of pulmonary lung cancer treatments.

Who Should Watch:

  • Project managers and leaders in pharmaceutical development
  • Chemistry, manufacturing, and control (CMC) managers
  • Scientists wanting to improve their knowledge of inhalation delivery to the lung
  • Decision makers looking to outsource formulation and manufacturing of dry powder inhaled dosage forms.
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