Current Headlines

  1. Research Collaboration Between U-M And Atomwise To Accelerate Drug Discovery Using Innovative Artificial Intelligence Approach

    From making pain management safer and more effective to identifying inhibitors for a fibrosis target protein and more, researchers from Michigan Medicine, as well as the University of Michigan College of Pharmacy and U-M Life Sciences Institute, are looking to advance their projects through Atomwise’s Artificial Intelligence Molecular Screen (AIMS) Awards program, which uses AI-powered screening technology employed by large pharmaceutical companies

  2. Cancer Biologists Identify New Drug Combo

    When it comes to killing cancer cells, two drugs are often better than one. Some drug combinations offer a one-two punch that kills cells more effectively, requires lower doses of each drug, and can help to prevent drug resistance

  3. Clinical Trial For New Anti-Obesity Drug Ready To Launch At U Of A

    The Alberta Diabetes Institute (ADI) will be at the centre of a new clinical trial for an anti-obesity drug targeting people with rare genetic conditions that contribute to their obesity

  4. FDA Approves New Cancer Drug Associated With KU Leuven Discovery

    The Food and Drug Administration in the United States of America has approved XPOVIOTM (also known as selinexor), a medicine for patients with relapsed refractory multiple myeloma, a type of bone marrow cancer. Around 230,000 people worldwide suffer from this rare disease

  5. Altimmune Signs Definitive Agreement To Acquire Spitfire Pharma, Inc. Adding NASH Drug Candidate To Portfolio

    Altimmune, Inc. (Nasdaq: ALT), a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company, today announced that it has entered into an agreement to acquire Spitfire Pharma, Inc. (Spitfire) including its product candidate SP-1373 (to be renamed ALT-801), a potent GLP-1/Glucagon receptor co-agonist for the treatment of non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH)

  6. Cellectar Receives FDA Fast Track Designation For CLR 131 In Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma

    Cellectar Biosciences, Inc. (NASDAQ: CLRB), a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on the discovery, development and commercialization of drugs for the treatment of cancer, today announced the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has granted Fast Track Designation for CLR 131 in relapsed or refractory Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma (DLBCL)

  7. Bioz And Covaris Expand Their Partnership To Accelerate The Pace Of Life Science Research And Drug Discovery

    Bioz, Inc., a Silicon Valley AI data company, is proud to announce the expansion of its partnership with Covaris, the world leader in pre-analytical sample preparation technologies. Covaris has developed proprietary and patented Adaptive Focused Acoustics® (AFA®) technology

  8. Eisai Enters Into Collaboration Research Agreement With University Of Dundee On Targeted Protein Degradation Toward Cancer Drug Discovery

    Eisai Co.,Ltd. (Headquarters: Tokyo, CEO: Haruo Naito, “Eisai”) announced recently that it has entered into a collaboration research agreement with the University of Dundee in Scotland, UK, regarding Proteolysis Targeting Chimeras (PROTACs)1 toward drug discovery in oncology area

  9. First Time Human-On-A-Chip Predicts In Vivo Results Based On In Vitro Model

    Hesperos Inc., pioneers of the “human-on-a-chip” in vitro system has announced the use of its innovative multi-organ model to successfully measure the concentration and metabolism of two known cardiotoxic small molecules over time, to accurately describe the drug behavior and toxic effects in vivo

  10. Nosopharm And Evotec Enter Into Collaboration To Accelerate Development Of Novel Antibiotics

    Nosopharm, a company dedicated to the research and development of new anti-infective drugs, and Evotec SE, a drug discovery and development company, recently announce their partnership aimed at advancing Nosopharm’s lead candidate, NOSO-502, to the clinical stage, as well as developing a second-generation Odilorhabdin drug candidate