Virosart® Media Lab Modules

Source: Sartorius
Virosart® Media Lab Modules

Virus-retentive filtration is a highly efficient method for viral risk mitigation of cell culture media. This filter targets both non-enveloped viruses, such as MVM and vesivirus, and large enveloped viruses, such as MLV. Virosart® Media is especially designed for virus filtration of chemically defined cell culture media.

Virus risk mitigation in media preparation

Multiple bioreactor contaminations reported over the past several years have been caused by small, non-enveloped viruses like MVM and vesivirus derived from raw materials.

New strategy

A new strategy is the removal of viruses before the bioreactor already after media preparation to prevent potential contaminations of the bioreactor. Virus Filtration is a proven and well established technology within the market to remove all kind of viruses (> 20 nm range).

Our solution: Virosart® Media

Virosart® Media is a virus retentive filter specially developed for upstream applications. The newly developed media filter overcomes today’s bottlenecks of virus filters originally developed for downstream applications and provides a cost effective solution in upstream with highest filter capacity for cell culture media.