Newsletter | March 19, 2024

03.19.24 -- Understanding Undruggable Targets: Challenges And Progress



Understanding Undruggable Targets: Challenges And Progress

As we continue to discover new treatment approaches, we need to go beyond targeting proteins with well-defined pockets and find other ways to target the undruggable. Two approaches that show promise are PROTACs and molecular glues.


The Power Of AI And Route Scouting To Navigate API Complexity

Using AI tools for retrosynthesis can help you investigate molecules interactively to build a complex API manufacturing process that maintains your timeline and saves you money.

Developing Biosimilars: Challenges And Solutions

The technologies used for biophysical characterization often require expensive reagents, large sample quantities, and optimization for experimental conditions. Simplified analytical workflows can help.

Design Of Experiments Approach To Enabling Studies For Process Validation

A recent project applied process improvement methodology to the process validation step that ultimately provided an optimized, robust process with an economic advantage.

Alkaline Stability Of Modern Protein A Chromatography Resins

Explore results from a resin lifetime study with over 150 cycles, using clarified cell harvest in every cycle, which has been performed to evaluate the alkaline stability of three protein A resins.

Microfluidic Platforms: Scaling Nanoparticle Production

Learn about the benefits of microfluidics for nanoparticle production over traditional methods as well as scaling nanoparticle production for clinical or industrial use.

Secure Tech Transfers Of Biological Products In Sterile Manufacturing

Recognizing what it takes to complete technology transfers effectively and efficiently is crucial to selecting the best partner for your project and product needs.


U.S. FDA Has Accepted The NDA For Ensartinib

UCF Researcher Pioneers Chiral Molecule Sensing Method To Enhance Drug Development

Everest Medicines Announces Acceptance Of VELSIPITY NDA In Macau

UCT’s H3D Spearheads Africa’s Drug Discovery Accelerator Programme

Allumiqs & Prolytix Form Strategic Partnership

Ubiquigent Enters Agreement With Astellas Subsidiary, Nanna Therapeutics

AION Labs Launches CombinAble.AI To Reduce Time & Cost Of Targeted Antibody Design

Automated High-Throughput Sorting Of Living Cells Using Laser Light & AI

Poseida Therapeutics Announces FDA ODD Granted To P-BCMA-ALLO1

GV20 Therapeutics Joins NVIDIA Inception To Develop AI Models For Drug & Target Discovery

AbCellera & Biogen To Discover Therapeutic Antibodies For Neurological Conditions


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