Newsletter | September 12, 2023

09.12.23 -- Planning For Complexity And Risks In Drug Development And Supply

What Is The Solution To Drug Development And Manufacturing Upheaval?

Are end-to-end CDMO partnerships the solution? Growing complexity and risks in drug development and supply have implications for outsourcing models. Companies must consider how best they can structure and manage partnerships to weather uncertainty and disruption.


How Life Science Is Reshaping Supply Chains In Response To COVID-19

The supply chain and workforce disruptions caused by COVIID-19 forced companies to reconsider their global supply and outsourcing strategies. One hundred seventeen leaders, mainly from biopharma companies, were surveyed to understand how that experience is shaping attitudes toward resilience.


Design Of Experiments Approach To Enabling Studies For Process Validation

A project applied process improvement methodology to the process validation step. The multifaceted approach defined manufacturing parameters without the expense of surplus experimentation and provided an optimized, robust process and an economic advantage.


Speed-To-Market: API Large-Scale Commercial Manufacturing

A pharma company required more capacity to meet commercial supply needs in an accelerated timeline followed by pre-approval inspection (PAI). Learn how the creation of a new commercial manufacturing facility was completed while achieving the increased volume demand.



Highly Potent APIs

Cambrex has been reliably developing and manufacturing high-potency APIs and compounds for years, including immunosuppressants, cytostatics/protein kinase inhibitors, ultra-potent cytotoxic drug substance, drug linkers, PEG and cyclodextrin polymeric conjugations, and toxins for ADCs.

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