OligoPilot™ Oligonucleotide Synthesizer

Source: Cytiva
OligoPilot Feature Image

Synthesize oligonucleotides at scales of 10–100 mmol for early to mid-phase clinical trials or for diagnostic kits.

This robust system has a footprint small enough to fit in a walk-in fume hood. Scale up easily with common UNICORN™ control software.

  • Based on more than 30 years of collaboration with leading oligonucleotide pharma.
  • Uses UNICORN™ control software for seamless scale-up from ÄKTA™ oligopilot™ plus oligo synthesizer to full-scale manufacturing with the OligoProcess™ system.
  • Inline monitoring enables high degree of process control.
  • Based on the same robust components as the OligoProcess™ synthesizer.
  • Installation and Operation Qualification (IQ/OQ) documentation and performance support are available.
  • Change control notification support available.

Fast coupling

Produce one batch per day with fast-coupling capability. With well-trained staff, efficient standard operating procedures (SOPs), and secure supply, the OligoPilot™ oligonucleotide synthesizer can be part of a manufacturing train producing > 100 kg of oligonucleotides in a year.

Small footprint

The instrument fits easily into a walk-in fume hood. It is designed to be explosion proof according to ATEX Zone 2. Please refer to local legislation for guidance of local requirements.

Seamless workflow

UNICORN™ control software offered with this and other Cytiva products makes it easy to align your oligonucleotide synthesis with downstream processing, chromatography, and filtration, supporting an oligonucleotide development and manufacturing workflow.