Newsletter | June 13, 2024

06.13.24 -- Navigating The Increasing Complexity Of Drugs In Clinical Development

Complex Molecules, Complex Problems

The growing complexity of the small molecules entering, and progressing through, the pharmaceutical pipeline throws the need for manufacturing expertise and experience into sharp focus. The support of an experienced CDMO is critical to overcoming complexity when working with highly potent APIs and when solving solubility challenges.

Using Synthesis And Route Design Technology To Approach API Complexity

Computer-aided synthesis design technology can help you navigate complex API synthesis. To deliver robust route predictions for a given target, predictive technologies rely on the existence of plausible starting materials or building blocks. Lonza offers solutions to make this process seamless and cost-effective.

How To Deal With The Complexity Of Drugs In Clinical Development

It is critical to partner with a CDMO with the capabilities and flexibility to achieve the clinical milestones for a drug’s ultimate commercial success. Learn how Lonza leads in API development, turning complex molecules into manufacturable, high-yielding drugs with proven safety and efficacy.

A Q&A With The Experts: Meeting Accelerated Timelines With Complex Drugs

The market for small molecules is constantly growing and changing, and the increasing complexity of the drugs in clinical development has created pressure for companies hoping to surmount the challenges that typify these therapeutic modalities. Discover additional context and insights into Lonza’s approach to integrated small molecule development.