Microcell™ Vial Filler

Source: Cytiva
Microcell Vial Filler Feature

The Microcell™ Vial Filler is a closed robotic isolator for pharmaceutical vial filling that enables small batch flexibility and standardized manufacturing.

Whether it’s making personalized medicines or clinical trial supplies, the Microcell is built for agility and fast changeover.

Speed to market

Manual or semi-automated filling in biosafety cabinets or glove box isolators can take over a year to integrate. With a delivery time of just 3 months, and customers reaching GMP production within 6 months following their purchase order, the Microcell helps you get your essential therapies to those that need them faster.


The Microcell can fill up to 4 different drug products in an 8-hour shift. Single-use consumables and a fast 15-minute decontamination cycle reduce fill and changeover times, helping you make more drugs for more patients.

Drug product quality

The Microcell provides an optimal aseptic process in a completely closed gloveless isolator. Advanced automation removes the need for operator intervention and limits product contact to a single-use flow path. Particle risk is reduced with the use of press-fit closures with integrated stoppers, to overcome the quality problems of crimp capping and stopper bowls.