Article | April 27, 2020

Is Not Using A CDMO Slowing Down Your Process Development?

Source: Cytiva

By Patrick Guertin, Global Technical Manager, and Ed Hines, Global Technical Manager, Cytiva

Decision Timeline: Considerations In Selecting An Outsourced Solution

In today’s biomanufacturing industry, drug manufacturers must navigate a changing landscape that is more diverse than ever before. Advances in science to address previously unmet needs are paving a new course in patient treatment while also challenging how drugs have traditionally been developed and manufactured. New technologies to increase efficiency and flexibility in small batch production, such as high-throughput technologies, modular equipment and single-use technology (SUT), combined with automated solutions create novel ways to produce drugs faster with better quality and safety oversight.

As a result, many companies are considering creative ways to expedite not only their timelines but also their knowledge and technical capabilities. And while adding capacity and expertise can help you remain competitive, so too can partnering with a CDMO to create and optimize biomanufacturing processes that can improve yield and reduce production costs. Doing so also allows you to delay any major financial decisions on your molecule until you see how it performs in the clinic. So, as you think about your internal strategies and what your next best step is, consider what process development capabilities you have versus what you could possibly gain from working with a CDMO to not only be successful but also improve your chances of getting to market sooner.

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