Newsletter | June 4, 2024

06.04.24 -- Innovating Bioequivalence: A Novel Approach To Developing Complex Generic Dosage Forms


Innovating Bioequivalence: A Novel Approach To Developing Complex Generic Dosage Forms

Achieving bioequivalence for complex generics is an intricate task. This article describes an approach using in vitro–in vivo correlation, PBMK modeling, and more.


Solid Tumors: The Next Frontier Of Cancer Immunotherapy

With the use of advanced in vitro models like Organ-Chips, researchers are gaining a better understanding of CAR T-cell therapy in the context of solid tumors.

Addressing Key TIL Therapy Manufacturing Workflow Challenges

From tumor resection to therapy delivery, there are a number of hurdles at each stage of your TIL therapy manufacturing workflow. Here, we address key challenges at each stage of the workflow.

Solid Form Strategies For Increasing Oral Bioavailability

Optimizing a drug’s solid form can improve its solubility and bioavailability when further molecular modifications are prohibitive.

Pharmaceutical Spray Drying: Sustainable Commercial Best Practices

Learn more about defining the spray drying process with an emphasis on specific enhancements to accommodate scale-up to commercial scale equipment of challenging applications or molecules.

Investing In Capacity – API Commercial Manufacturing

A pharma company sought a CMO partner with commercial manufacturing capabilities and expertise as well as exemplary quality systems to find a cost-effective process to produce the API for a new drug.

Simultaneous Spray Drying: Dry Powder Inhaler Combination Formulations

The simultaneous spray drying of multiple ingredients is a powerful technique for making inhaled products with multiple actives. Examine how novel techniques can make these products a reality.


Oncocross Expands Collaboration With JW Pharmaceutical On Developing New Drugs Using AI

Integrated Biosciences Joins Illumina Ventures Labs To Design Novel Therapeutics

Be Biopharma Announces FDA Clearance Of IND Application For BE-101 In Hemophilia B

Vasomune Receives FDA Fast Track Designation For Novel Investigational Medicine AV-001

DeepCure Achieves Robotic Chemical Synthesis Breakthrough

Unravel Biosciences Receives FDA ODD For Vorinostat (RVL-001) For Rett Syndrome

Evotec And CHDI Foundation Extend Drug Discovery Collaboration In Huntington's Disease

ZJU Scientists Achieve Low-Cost Trifluoromethylation Of Drug Molecules

Scientists Identify Mechanism Behind Drug Resistance In Malaria Parasite

Nxera Pharma And PrecisionLife Expand Partnership Into New Therapeutic Area

ModeX Leverages ProBioGen's Expertise For Accelerated COVID-19 Antibody Development


Protein Characterization And Biosafety Testing Services

Lab Equipment And Testing Site Matrix

Container Closure Integrity Testing

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