Newsletter | September 25, 2023

09.25.23 -- Improve Your Productivity With The Use Of Effective Modular Systems

Bulk Filling Application: Every Drop Counts

Because every drop counts, we need a bulk fill solution that minimizes product loss and process risk but maximizes configurability. Good bulk filling should be defined by excellent product recovery, risk control, and accuracy. Explore how this can be achieved by reading the application note.


Clarification Process Step: Maximize Productivity

It is common knowledge that manual filtration methods increase the risk of batch loss, but they also make data mining more difficult and time-consuming than it needs to be. The fully automated Allegro™ Connect depth filtration system allows for close control of flow rate and pressure, critical to the clarification step. Download our application note to see how the system facilitates fully automated processing during primary recovery.


Virus Filtration: Losing Batches Due To Uncontrolled Processes?

Too often with manual and semi-automated filtration systems, uncontrolled processes and human error can lead to deviations that can impact costs, productivity, and labor. With the Allegro™ Connect virus filtration system, you can fully automate your process and mitigate the above risks. Download our application note.


Dilute Buffer On Demand: Reduce Buffer Storage

Process intensification makes the process buffer bottleneck even more challenging. With increasing demands on floor space, labor costs, and materials, this could really affect your plant productivity. Explore the capability of the Allegro™ Connect buffer management system in the application noteDilution of Multiple Buffer Concentrates with One Single-Use Flow Path and discover how one system can deliver all your buffer needs.



One System For Automated Upstream And Downstream Single-Use Processing

Fully automated to support consistency and reduce the risk of operator error, the Allegro™ MVP system works across a range of bioprocessing activities. The system supports sterile filtration, bioburden reduction, depth filtration, virus filtration, media and buffer preparation, membrane chromatography, pH adjustment, virus inactivation, and final formulation and filling.

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