Newsletter | February 21, 2023

02.21.23 -- Improve Your Productivity With The Use Of Effective Modular Systems

Maximized Product Recovery Across A Range Of Bulk Filtration And Filling Flow Paths

Learn how a system that is designed for fully automated and repeatable product recovery from both the distribution and filtration manifolds can help minimize nonrecoverable product holdup within the flow path, achieving a loss of less than 2.5% of the total feed volume, irrespective of hardware configuration, filtration configuration, product viscosity, and batch size. Download our application note.

Minimize Process Risk Using Automation For Effective Depth Filter Processing

This application note demonstrates how optimizing the strategic process control of both flow and pressure can help improve depth filter processing. It also highlights the effective product recovery (100%) of Immunoglobulin G (IgG) solution, including recovery of excess product that is held up within the filters during processing. Download our application note.

Virus Filtration Technology Designed To Meet Your Process Requirements

Download our application note to discover more about the rapid recovery (100%) of protein from material held up inside filter membranes and capsules during processing. And find out more about our automated and configurable platform, which is designed to deliver the highest level of process control for virus filtration and other in-process intermediate filtration steps.

Dilution Of Multiple Buffer Concentrates With One Single-Use Flow Path

The use of buffers within downstream processing is critical to protect proteins from variations in pH levels and to ensure that they interact correctly with various media to maximize the performance of the specified purification process. Download our application note to read how to achieve minimal downtime using the same single-use flow path.



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