GoSilico™ Chromatography Modeling Software

Source: Cytiva
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Improve your process understanding with fast and reliable computer simulation.

GoSilico™ Chromatography Modeling Software is a software designed for simulating preparative liquid chromatography processes with a computer.

  • Designed to create digital twins of your chromatography processes.
  • Tailored for and used by many biopharma companies for chromatography process development.
  • Seamless lab integration through optimal linking to ÄKTA™ systems and UNICORN™ software

Mechanistic models utilize computer simulations to reduce the number of lab experiments needed during process development. These simulations are based on known physiochemical phenomena in chromatography.

Feed your lab data into GoSilico™ Chromatography Modeling Software, and let the computer calibrate a model. Once calibrated, you can perform all further experiments in silico and generate thousands of purification options in a few hours (Fig. 1).

Fig 1. Mechanistic modeling creates computer-simulated chromatograms with GoSilico™ Chromatography Modeling Software.

The typical mechanistic chromatography modeling workflow is an interplay of the tools that you currently use in the lab and the modeling software (Fig 2).

Fig 2. High-level workflow for mechanistic chromatography modeling using GoSilico™ Chromatography Modeling Software.

Benefits of mechanistic chromatography modeling

  • Accelerates process development
  • Improves process understanding and process robustness
  • Supports regulatory decision making