FlexAct® Single-Use Automation Solutions

Source: Sartorius

Bringing together all hardware, software, wetware and documentation into a ready to produce package.

FlexAct® single-use process skid utilizing reliable industrial automation platform. Each unit is designed and programmed to run various unit operations in upstream and downstream processing for the biopharmaceutical industry on a discrete platform.

FlexAct® solutions are configured to order within a known pre-defined application space. It brings together all hardware, software, wetware and documentation into a ready to produce package. 

FlexAct® solutions can be operated within the limits of the tested application space, e.g.; 50 L to 2000 L supply vessels.

Maximize utilization of hardware peripherals for each FlexAct® as additional unit operations can share the same peripherals.

What are the Benefits of FlexAct®?

Efficient Production of Biologics

All steps from wetware installation to post process teardown are guided by ANSI-88 recipes. This reduces setup time and avoids human assembly errors due to the system providing clear operation guidance to the solution configuration. All wetware components are standard Sartorius consumables and have been application release tested, using a commercially available mAb bioprocess.

Rapid Delivery Time

As the product is configured via the Sartorius Solutions Configurator from standard products, the assurance of a swift quote, order process and timely delivery is ensured. These materials will have a controlled supply chain & logistical path that will minimize component changes and assure long term supply. 

No Engineering Effort

The FlexAct® configurator to order (CTO) design space will ask simple customer or application questions that will define unit operational needs for catering up to a 2kL production bioreactor. Once configured the dependencies and design rules identify the solution, selecting all hardware, software and wetware components, complete with a qualification documentation package.

Redundancy and Capacity Adaption

Each FlexAct® can be activated by an administrator click to perform the unit operation of another FlexAct®, thus if defined each pair of FlexAct® systems is it's own backup. Certified peripherals (pumps, mixers and sensors) can be shared between units. Switching process scales or applications is loading the application, exchanging the peripherals, installing the consumables and then start the process.

Distributed Control System (DCS) Connectivity

The range of communication and connection options allows the FlexAct® to seamlessly integrate to ever industrially available DCS, MES and PAT system.