Chromatography Single-Use Systems

Source: Cytiva
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ÄKTA™ single-use chromatography systems are designed where speed and flexibility are needed. Single-use flow kits eliminate the need for system cleaning and validation, reduce downtime and minimize risk for cross-contamination between product/batches. All systems are controlled by UNICORN™ software, a common control platform and user interface for all scales of operation.

For standard chromatography systems from Cytiva, visit this page.

ÄKTA ready™ 450

ÄKTA ready™ 450 is a single-use liquid chromatography system designed for small-scale manufacturing in GMP-regulated environments. The single-use flow path minimizes the need for cleaning and cleaning validation, allowing for quick changeover between productions and reducing the risk of carryover.

ÄKTA ready

ÄKTA ready is a single-use chromatography system built for process scale-up and GMP manufacturing. Single-use flow kits offer flexibility and speed by eliminating need for system cleaning and validation and minimize downtime and risk for cross-contamination. Standard configurations are available to meet your process needs.

ÄKTA ready (isocratic or gradient) configuration is suited for mAbs and recombinant protein purification.

ÄKTA ready variable UV system has a three-wavelength monitor which is essential for monitoring the separation of e.g. full and empty AAV capsids, and nucleic acids such as plasmics and mRNA.

ÄKTA ready™ extended

ÄKTA ready™ extended system is designed with extra features to provide more flexibility in bioprocessing. It includes an integrated human-machine interface (HMI), additional sensors and valves, and capability to monitor and control Xcellerex™ XDUO mixers.

ÄKTA ready XL

ÄKTA ready is a single-use chromatography system designed for GMP manufacturing scale. To meet the capacity demands from single-use upstream processes (2000 L high-titer feeds), ÄKTA ready XL operates large-scale columns (up to 1200 mm) and covers a broad range of flow rates from 45 to 3500 L/h.

UNICORN™ Control System

UNICORN control software offers real-time control of protein purification unit operations (column packing, chromatography and filtration) from laboratory bench, through development, to full-scale production. UNICORN control system meets the needs of full-scale production with manufacturing systems, while maintaining the flexibility needed for method and process development with the range of systems in the ÄKTA family..