Celsius® Bags For Frozen Storage And Shipping

Source: Sartorius
Celsius bags

Bags fitting your applications for preserving bulk drug substances.

Secure Your Product Stability and Integrity During Long Term Storage and Shipping

Today’s global biomanufacturing networks require that high value drug substances transfer between traditional production centers, CMOs, offshore purchased and greenfield facilities. Frozen product transfers in single-use Celsius® bags meet the industry's challenge by ensuring product stability, extending the shelf life, facilitating temperature control and providing a fast and simple logistic.

Because drug substances are worth millions and take two months to produce, one first critical quality attribute for Celsius® bags is robustness. Celsius® is also the only fully integrated, purpose-designed and scalable solution for safe, reliable and adaptive frozen storage and shipping of your drug substances.

Create cGMP Production Conditions with only 30mL of Drug Substance in Lab-scale Celsius®-Paks

Scale Up With Only 30ml

Move your process from laboratory tests and process development to cGMP clinical and commercial production with Celsius® S3 Benchtop System and Lab-scale Celsius®-Pak with minimum working volumes and costs.

With an unprecedented variety of scalable Pre Designed Solutions and a unique S71 EVA film, the Celsius® platform ensures a fast, economic and easy to adopt frozen transfer in your today's process development. Celsius® creates flexibility to expand in your future commercial production.

Celsius® FFT Provides a Closed, Protected and Flexible Solution for Conventional Freezers

Freeze Everywhere

With a robust bag enclosed in a protective shell, Celsius® FFT can replace traditional freezing and thawing methods in any available equipment. You then benefit of a closed, sterile and ready to use solution that simplifies the transfer of your drug substance and reduces the risks of contamination.

Celsius® FFT and its associated FFT Shippers provide a complete logistic solution that enhances your cold chain operations and enables you to link your frozen drug substances to drug product sites worlwide.

Celsius® CFT Safeguards Your Sensitive Drug Substance in Controlled-rate Freeze & Thaw

Take Control

For your drug substances that are sensitive to cryoconcentration and can degrade during uncontrolled freezing and thawing, Celsius® CFT creates a controlled-rate process that minimizes these effects. Because it provides a fast and reproducible thermal cycle, Celsius® CFT is widely used in today's cGMP manufacturing by major biologics companies with proven performances over the past 2 decades. Focused on product security and process reliability from fill through drain, Celsius® CFT is another complete logistic solution for transferring your frozen drug substances around the world.