Cadence™ Inline Concentrator

Source: Cytiva

Single-pass TFF made simpler

Single-pass tangential flow filtration (TFF) is revolutionizing how TFF is implemented in biotech, vaccine, blood plasma and other applications. Pall is now making it even easier to implement this breakthrough patented technology into your process. As with the original Cadence single-pass TFF module, the new Cadence Inline Concentrator allows direct flow-through in-process volume reduction and can be implemented into a process system or operate as a standalone unit.

This exciting new technology leads to economic and practical benefits, including:

  • Ability to couple the concentration of product before or after other Downstream Processing (DSP) steps, consequently optimizing other steps and reducing in-process pool tank volumes.
  • Continuous processing in DSP
  • Easy integration of the assembled module, allowing plug and play.
  • Potential reduction of product damage or aggregation due to reduced residence time and shear disposable systems.