Newsletter | January 30, 2024

01.30.24 -- Best Practices For Preformulation In Drug Development



Best Practices For Preformulation In Drug Development

Preformulation testing encompasses all studies performed on a new drug compound in order to produce useful information for subsequent formulation of a suitable drug dosage form. There is preformulation across the stages of drug discovery, early development, and late development. The route of administration dictates what is important.


Solid Form Screening Of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

Explore the role of solid form services in helping meet accelerated timelines of the drug development life cycle along with examples of robust workflows for fast and thorough solid form screens.

Nanoscale Technology's Potential: A Fireside Chat With Industry Leaders

Nanoform CEO Edward Haeggstrom and Shawn Davies, head of drug delivery, biopharmaceuticals development, AstraZeneca, discuss the potential of nanoscale medicines and delivery devices.

Speed To Market: API Large-Scale Commercial Manufacturing

A pharma company was looking to partner with a CMO with commercial manufacturing capabilities, large-scale assets, multinational sites, and exemplary quality systems/U.S. FDA track record.

Spray Drying For Innovative Dry Powder Inhaler Combination Formulations

Combination therapies delivered to the lung are an effective means of reducing patient burden and improving care. Explore case studies illustrating the potential for improving care for ill patients.

Protein L Affinity Resin Is Ready To Move To Manufacturing

Discover a protein L affinity chromatography resin that is well suited for use in biomanufacturing and offers increased binding capacities compared to other resins.


Popular Diabetes Drug May Also Reduce The Risk Of Severe Liver Disease

Chemify & Prepaire Labs To Apply AI-Robotics In The Discovery Of Non-Addictive Opioids

Protein Discovery Could Help Solve Prostate Cancer Drug Resistance

Juvena Therapeutics Receives FDA ODD For JUV-161

Harbour BioMed Announces IND Clearance For HBM9027 In The U.S.

CDR-Life Announces FDA Clearance Of IND Application For CDR404

A New Drug Candidate Can Shrink Kidney Cysts

ODS Acquires ZoBio, A CRO Specialized In Small Molecule Drug Discovery

Anticancer Drug Administration For The Conditioning Of Cord Blood Transplantation

WuXi XDC And Celltrion Sign MOU For Integrated Services For Antibody-Drug Conjugates

Vanda Pharmaceuticals Receives FDA Approval To Proceed With IND VCA-894A


Peptide Crystallization

PBPK Predictive Modeling Services