Newsletter | October 31, 2023

10.31.23 -- Are KRAS Inhibitors Poised To Cure Cancer?


Are KRAS Inhibitors Poised To Cure Cancer?

The KRAS gene, a crucial component of cell signaling pathways involved in cell growth and division, is frequently mutated in various cancers. By targeting the gene, KRAS inhibitors aim to block the aberrant signaling that promotes cancer cell proliferation. Amgen's sotorasib became the first approved KRAS inhibitor, opening up an exciting field.


Spray-Dried Bevacizumab: Treating Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer

Development of physically stable, biologically active dry powder formulations of large molecules for inhalation has remained a challenge.

Approaches To Establishing A Perfusion Mimic Process

We demonstrate how high-throughput perfusion mimic processes can be achieved in microbioreactors with good consistency among the replicates and with sustained cell viability and protein production.

Route Development: Designing Synthesis For GMP Production

The successful transition from initial synthesis of an API to a kilogram-scale route requires expert analysis and design, and a balance of economic, regulatory, and time constraints.

Identify Lead Solid Form Early To Reduce Timelines And Downstream Costs

Devoting early-phase resources for solid form understanding and screening during a drug’s development life cycle is critical, as doing so can help save time and resources on the path to market.


TC BioPharm Announces Submission Of IND Application To U.S. FDA

Milestone Pharmaceuticals Announces Submission Of NDA To The U.S. FDA For Etripamil

Ceremorphic Announces New Life Sciences Division With New Design Methodology

Towards Using Quantum Computing To Speed Up Drug Development

Broad-Spectrum Antiviral Candidate Targets Dengue And SARS-CoV-2

New ‘Subway Map’ Of Lyme Disease Pathways Identifies Potential New Treatment Targets

Newly Discovered Compound Blocks Signalling Pathway Of Immune Response

Partnership Between UCR And City Of Hope Aims To Increase Diversity In Cancer Research

St Andrews Scientists Discover New Molecule That Combats Viral Infection In Bacteria

Cadence Expands Pfizer’s License To Molecular Design Software

Verve Therapeutics Announces Clearance Of IND App By The U.S. FDA For VERVE-101


Highly Potent Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (HPAPIs)

Controlled Substances

GMP Manufacturing


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