ambr® 250 High Throughput Perfusion

Source: Sartorius
ambr® 250 High Throughput Perfusion

ambr® 250 high throughput perfusion is a parallel bioreactor system for rapid development of scalable perfusion processes using 100 – 250 mL single-use bioreactors and a fully automated liquid handling platform.

The system supports the typical range of hollow fibre cell retention applications, with up to 24 fully single-use perfusion bioreactors in parallel. This step change in perfusion process development capability dramatically accelerates the optimization of intensified cell culture processes leading to lower production volumes and reduced cost of goods.

The system is capable of running in perfusion culture or fed-batch mode, depending on the type of ambr bioreactors installed, ideal for a wide range of biopharma and industrial biotech applications such as:

  • Process clone selection
  • Media development
  • Process optimization
  • Process characterization
  • Scale-down model development