Newsletter | May 28, 2024

05.28.24 -- A Promising Approach To Develop An Inhalable, Temperature-Stable COVID-19 Vaccine


Webinar: Dry Powder Inhalable Vaccines for Shelf Stability and Global Access

There is a significant need for shelf-stable vaccines that are simpler to store and distribute. Vaccines require cold chain distribution and to be stored in a refrigerator or freezer. This webinar will look at the formulation of vaccines with dry powder respiratory delivery in mind, and manufacturing considerations for dry powder inhaled vaccines. Click here to learn more.


A Promising Approach To Develop An Inhalable, Temperature-Stable COVID-19 Vaccine

There are limitations to the currently available COVID-19 vaccines. An inhalable dry powder approach offers promising benefits, such as eliminating cold chain requirements, allowing for more widespread immunity.


Utilizing Nanoparticle Technologies For A More Sustainable Value Chain

The pharma industry is identifying ways to make processes more sustainable. Learn how nanoparticle engineering technology can both empower sustainability goals and lead to better patient outcomes.

Getting Your Investigational Drug Regulatory Ready

Gain insights to help you better approach regulatory policies along with helpful strategies to facilitate efficient regulatory review and drug approval.

Demonstrating Control Over The Manufacturing Process: QbD Studies

Understand the importance of fate and purge studies, which measure the ability of the process to remove impurities and provide evidence of their removal.

Optimizing End-To-End Processes To Reduce Costs And Improve Yields

Examine the challenges faced by a large CDMO as well as the solutions that were provided to achieve significant time savings, cost savings, and the removal of a major downstream process limitation.

Spray Drying For Innovative Dry Powder Inhaler Combination Formulations

Combination therapies delivered directly to the lung by dry powder inhalants reduce patient burden and improve care. Explore case studies illustrating the potential for improving care for critically ill patients.

Guidelines To Bring Your Biologic To Market: Are You Prepared?

Are you up to the task of bringing a biologic drug to market? Do you have a strategy and plan for moving forward? Consider guidelines from a biopharma process development and manufacturing perspective.

SimpliFiH Solutions For Accelerated Pharmaceutical Development

Review an integrated service package designed to simplify and accelerate the development pathway, even for APIs with challenging properties such as low aqueous solubility and poor bioavailability.


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Sanofi, Formation Bio & OpenAI Announce First-In-Alass AI Collaboration

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Duoning Collaborates With Bioelectronica To Commercialize A Single-Cell Sorting System

Alloy Therapeutics Announces Platform License Agreement With Lilly

Cancer-Killing New Drug Candidate Utilizing AI To Enhance FDA IND Research

New CAS BioFinder Discovery Platform Empowers Drug Discovery Scientists To Reveal Insights

Innovent Announces The NDA Of IBI311 Has Been Accepted By The NMPA Of China

Researchers Wrestle With Accuracy Of AI Technology Used To Create New Drug Candidates

OWP Pharmaceuticals Announces FDA Filing Acceptance For NDA Of SUBVENITE Oral Suspension

Cantex Pharmaceuticals Receives FDA ODD For Azeliragon


PBPK Predictive Modeling Services

BioPharma Services For Advancing mRNA-LNPs From Bench To Clinic