Product Showcase

  1. Biologics / Large Molecule Analytical Services

    Leading Analytical Scientists with Advanced Instrumentation.

  2. Thermo Scientific inSITE Integrity Testing System
  3. Thermo Scientific DHX Heat Exchanger
  4. Single-Use Mixers

    Thermo Scientific™ mixing products address cGMP manufacturing applications both upstream and downstream, and feature companion Thermo Scientific™ BioProcess Container (BPC) products designed specifically for superior performance in our systems. These products, whether standard or customized, deliver high value and dependability.

  5. Nunc Cell Factory Systems

    A proven solution for large-scale production of cells, vaccines, and cellular therapeutics, these systems have the same growth kinetics as laboratory-scale cell culture products. The ports of the system make it easy to customize and close, with custom tubing assemblies that facilitate venting, filling, and harvesting.

    • Certified Sterility Assurance Level of 10-6
    • Nunclon™ Delta surface treatment for consistent performance from layer to layer and lot to lot
    • Available in 1, 2, 4, 10 and 40-tray versions
    • Easy to customize and create a closed system with the use of custom tubing assemblies that facilitate venting, filling and harvesting
  6. Nunc EasyFill Cell Factory Systems

    Nunc EasyFill Cell Factory system, with its versatile port design, accommodates both pouring and aseptic filling techniques. The design features both a large, easy-to-fill 33mm vented screw closure and a traditional plug 'n' play port, eliminating the need for additional accessories. It is truly an “out-of-the-box” solution or both research and commercial scale cell culture applications.

    • Versatile port design for pouring and aseptic filling techniques
    • “Out of the box” solution – no additional accessories required
    • Traditional Cell Factory features:
      • Space saving format: One 10-layer EasyFill Cell Factory equals 36 x T-175 flasks
      • Linearly scalable from research to commercial scale applications
      • Reduces the risk of contamination (less interactions vs. flasks and roller bottles)
      • Nunclon Delta certified ensures performance consistency from lot to lot
  7. Nunc High Density Cell Factory Systems

    Nunc High Density Cell Factory system portfolio is developed to provide you with a simple solution for increasing cell culture yields. With its additional layers, the new Nunc High Density Cell Factory system is designed to optimize your process by increasing your output, while maintaining the same manufacturing footprint as with the standard Cell System

    • Increase your yield - 30% MORE surface area and yield* all within the standard Nunc Cell Factory system footprint
    • Enhance your Productivity- Increase your labor and handling efficiencies by achieving more output in a single process run
    • Improve your Process Economics- Increase your manufacturing capacity without capital investment

    * The increase in yield may vary depending on the type of cells cultured.

  8. Nalgene Certified Clean Polycarbonate Biotainer Carboys

    Specifically designed for pharmaceutical and biological manufacturing, Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ Certified Clean Polycarbonate Biotainer™ Carboys are sterile containers, free from added interfering chemicals and low in particulates, are required to maintain both cleanroom as well as product integrity.

    • Certified and lot-to-lot tested to meet USP <788> low particulate requirements to limit potential particulate contamination
    • Clean room produced in ISO Class 7 to limit particulates during molding 
    • Sterile, ready-to-use products with robust triple-layer packaging for clean room use
    • Certified low endotoxin (0.50 EU/mL) according to USP <85> to limit pyrogens
    • Durable, translucent PC construction ensures the integrity of your sample, even frozen to -100°C.
    • Products can be supplied with certificates, forced extraction studies and validation binders (provided under a confidentiality agreement) 
  9. Nalgene Certified Platinum Clean HDPE Bottles and Carboys

    Nalgene Certified Platinum Clean HDPE Bottles and Carboys help reduce the potential for carry-over contamination. The new certified platinum clean products include particulate certifications to under 1/3 the allowable limits according to USP <788> and lower endotoxin levels of 0.25 EU/mL, to help mitigate potential sources of unwanted impurities.

    • Certified to contain less than 1/3 of the allowable particulates limits specified in USP <788>
    • Water-washed containers that reduce particle load contribution, including USP WFI for the final rinse, so there are no added detergents or chemicals
    • Sterile products ready-to-use with robust triple-layer packaging for cleanroom use
    • Products can be supplied with certificates, forced extraction studies and validation binders (provided under a confidentiality agreement) 
  10. Harvestainer Microcarrier Separation System

    Self-contained, single-use solutions for harvesting and separating microcarrier cell culture
    We leverage our experience in single-use design and engineering to establish innovative technologies for use in adherent cell culture production processes. The Thermo Scientific™ Harvestainer™ BioProcess Container (BPC) is a is a closed, single-use microcarrier separation system that helps increase product yields compared to traditional methods, while reducing clean-in-place and steam-in-place requirements and water for injection usage.