How to Determine Which Jurisdiction’s Employment Laws Reach Border-Crossing Staff
September 26, 2019 - online event ON CA

Alan Forest
Phone: 14169154458

In this webinar, you’ll learn about employment choice-of-law issues that frequently arise in cross-border employment law practice. You’ll learn about choice-of-law clauses in compensation agreements, cross-border employment policies, international benefits and equity plans, cross-border restrictive covenants, and more.While the employee protection laws of a host-country’s current place of employment almost always govern an expat’s employment relationship, determining which country is a given employee’s “current place of employment” can sometimes be unclear – a fact question.Regardless of how we resolve fact questions as to mobile employees’ current places of employment, in many – maybe most – jurisdictions, wage/hour laws tend to be mandatory rules that reach everyone rendering services locally, even incoming business travelers and guest workers with foreign principal places of employment.Areas Covered in the Session :Learn answers to the following questions:Which country’s employment laws reach border-crossing staff like expatriates, mobile workers and employees with international territories?Is a choice-of-law provision enforceable when it appears in an employment agreement, expatriate assignment letter, employee program or compensation plan?What is the best strategy for including a choice-of-law clause in an employment agreement, expatriate agreement or benefits plan?When can I export employment-at-will by using a U.S. choice-of-law clause in an employment arrangement?Which country’s laws apply to a restrictive covenant that covers a multi-country territory?Does a terminated expatriate have rights under both home and host country laws?Who Should Attend:Americans working abroadEmployers with workers outside USMobile workersExecutive employees looking to move abroadHuman resourcesBusiness ownersExecutivesChief financial officersHuman resource professionalsHR2937

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