Virus Filter Solutions - Reliable Retention Under All Circumstances

Source: Sartorius
Virus Filter Solutions

Sartorius virus filtration technology assures the most reliable virus retention even under challenging process conditions. You will benefit from our advanced asymmetric membrane structure that ensures no impact on virus retention through pressure variations, high loads or process interruptions.

Virosart® HF Single-use Filter for MAb - Ready-To-Go

Our Virosart® HF virus filter is so powerful and compact that you can reduce your footprint by 90%. The ready-to-use filter will eliminate costly sanitization and reduce your flushing volumes by 80%. Benefit from its gamma compatibility for easy implementation in a single-use mAb process. Choose our well-established Virosart® CPV for easy to filter feed streams.

Virosart® HC Developed for Blood & Plasma

The Virosart® HC virus filter speeds up your manufacturing processes by eliminating the need for pre-flushing. Gain flexibility with the ability use existing housings or single-use capsules.

Maximum Virus Filter Protection - Virosart® Max Absorptive Virus Prefilter

Virosart® Max is the platform virus prefilter of choice. This virus prefilter protects whatever virus filter you choose irrespective of process conditions. Virosart® Max will downsize your process and reduce your total virus filtration costs.

Virosart® Media for Cell Culture Media - The One and Only

Highest virus safety in your cell culture is given by virus retentive capabilities of ≥ 4 LRV for small non-enveloped viruses and ≥ 6 LRV of large enveloped viruses. This high speed virus filter provides you with the best cost effective solution for your upstream media filtration.