Newsletter | October 3, 2023

10.03.23 -- Unlock Drug Delivery Benefits For Patients And The Planet


Nanoforming: The Patient- And Planet-Centric Approach

Nanoforming can open up exciting new opportunities — from increasing bioavailability to enabling sustained drug delivery. Discover the benefits that can be unlocked for both patients and the planet through the Nanoform toolbox, supported by data from relevant case studies.


The Flux Performance Of Nanoformed And Untreated PRX Solid Suspensions

This poster demonstrates the application of in vitro flux assays to nanoparticles, with data on how the in vitro permeability apparatus can be utilized to characterize the membrane flux performance of an API formulated as a nanosuspension.


Solid Form Strategies For Increasing Oral Bioavailability

Optimizing a drug’s solid form can improve its solubility and bioavailability when further molecular modifications are prohibitive. The Nanoform team reviews solid form strategies for increasing the solubility and oral bioavailability of small molecule drugs.


Small Is Powerful: A Globally Unique Capability For Nanoforming HPAPIs

Demand for high-potency active pharmaceutical ingredients (HPAPIs) is rising as more companies opt for the benefits presented by lower dosage forms. Accessing specialized facilities with HPAPI handling capabilities is crucial to ensure the safe development and manufacturing of these drug substances.




Small Is Powerful And Sustainable - Nanoparticle Enabled Formulation And Drug Delivery Solutions

October 11, 2023 | 11:00 a.m. EDT

Discover how Nanoform’s revolutionary and environmentally sustainable nanoparticle technologies coupled with its innovative formulation approaches can not only address drug solubility issues, but also add value for patients in novel drug delivery applications.