News | May 20, 1999

University of Tokyo to Evaluate AVAX's Breast Cancer Vaccine

AVAX Technologies Inc. (Kansas City, MO) and the University of Tokyo have entered into a collaborative research agreement to evaluate the application of the AVAX's patented AC Vaccine technology for the treatment of breast cancer. As part of the agreement, AVAX will provide the university with access to its technology in order to manufacture the vaccine for a clinical trial in Japan. The trial will be supported in part by a grant from the Noguchi Medical Foundation.

AVAX's AC Vaccine technology is made from a patient's own cancer cells by modifying the tumor cells with a molecule called a hapten. This process, known as haptenization, alters the tumor cells and makes them appear foreign to the patient's immune system. When the hapten-modified cells are reinjected into patients, they stimulate the immune system to recognize the cancer cells and destroy them. AVAX is conducting a pivotal registration trial of the vaccine in malignant melanoma (M-Vax) and a Phase I/II trial in ovarian cancer (O-Vax) in the U.S. The collaborative research agreement with the University of Tokyo extends clinical development of the technology to a third indication.

AVAX Technologies Inc. specializes in the development and commercialization of novel biotechnologies, immunotherapies, and pharmaceuticals for cancer and other life-threatening diseases.

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