White Paper

3 Tips For Safe, Secure Healthcare Shipping

Source: FedEx HealthCare Solutions

All businesses need their shipments to go smoothly — nothing damaged, lost or late, and no last-minute surprises. And this is especially true in the healthcare sector, where a shipping mistake can cost not just dollars, but the health of a patient.

Medical technology has made stunning advances in the last three years, and yet many medical and life-sciences products are still being transported the same way they were 30 years ago, with all of the associated pitfalls.

“Medical products” are as varied as modern medicine itself. To a pharmaceutical company, a critical product could be high-value painkillers or carefully refrigerated insulin. For a clinic or lab, it might be human specimens — blood, saliva, urine or tissue, for example — or even animal specimens sent to or from a veterinary clinic. Surgeons, on the other hand, depend on the successful and timely delivery of sealed surgical instrument kits and sterilized tools to ensure they have what they need for every procedure. Whatever your niche, you face unique challenges.