Newsletter | September 5, 2023

09.05.23 -- The Growing Use Of Antibody Library Technologies In Drug Discovery


The Growing Use Of Antibody Library Technologies In Drug Discovery

Antibody library technologies enable the screening and identification of antibodies with desired properties (such as high affinity and specificity) for a wide range of targets, including proteins, peptides, small molecules, and even complex cellular structures. Here are the key emerging trends.

A Brief Introduction To Genome Editing

Genome editing technologies enable removal, addition, or alteration of genetic material at particular locations in the genome. This article provides a brief introduction to the space.


Simultaneous Spray Drying For Combination Inhaler Formulations

Three combination case studies are demonstrated, in which bevacizumab is paired with erlotinib, cisplatin, or paclitaxel in a dry powder inhaler formulation.

Pediatric Dosage Forms: Reformulation And Development Expertise

Infrastructure and expertise cover the sweet spot for producing the small-to-midsize batches needed to meet industry demands for PDFs and orphan drugs, and also extend to large-scale manufacturing.

Investing In Capacity: API Commercial Manufacturing

A pharma company sought a CMO partner with commercial manufacturing capabilities and expertise and exemplary quality systems to find a cost-effective process to produce the API for a new drug.

Spray Drying For Improved Solubility

Experts share more about the process to develop a spray-dried powder formulation and scale that formulation from early feasibility studies to commercial manufacturing.

Overcome The Hidden Complexities Of mRNA Process Development

Behind the perceived simplicity of mRNA process development, there are many challenges. Explore these challenges and characterization strategies and models for predicting process outcomes.


Superluminal Medicines Launches With $33M Seed Round

Breakthrough In Β-Lactam Synthesis Using Nickel Catalysts

Lenacapavir: Drug Offers New Hope For Multi-Drug Resistant HIV

Researchers Gain Fascinating New Insights Into Chromosome Shortening

Deargen And Serengen Partner To Accelerate Drug Discovery

AusperBio Announces FDA Clearance Of IND Application Of AHB-137

Faron Receives FDA ODD For Bexmarilimab In Acute Myeloid Leukemia

XORTX Submits ODD App To The EMA To Treat Progressive Kidney Disease

UC Irvine-Led Research Team Leverages Power Of Ribosomes

InxMed Receives Approval To Initiate Phase I Clinical Trial In China For OMTX705

Asieris Obtained IND Approval From NMPA For APL-1401


Particle Control In Biopharmaceuticals

Can Kinetics Provide Detailed Information About Binding Interactions?

Pharmaceutical Development


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