White Paper

The Emerging Possibilities For Oral Solid Dosage Forms Using 3D Printing

Source: Aprecia Pharmaceuticals

By Tim Tracy, CEO, Aprecia Pharmaceuticals


While the biologic drug market has shown significant growth over the last decade, oral solid dose forms (OSD) remain the most commonly used method of drug delivery. Patients are more familiar with this traditional and convenient method, which promotes compliance and a better overall patient experience. Yet, there are limitations to OSD that newer technologies may overcome through novel dosage form development. These limitations include, but are not confined to, size, shape, and taste, as well as an inability to combine functionalities, such as rapid disintegration combined with controlled release or pre-gastric absorption.

To address these problems while also keeping pace with advances in patient treatment, pharmaceutical manufacturers must be willing to consider alternative approaches to developing and manufacturing OSD drugs. One such method is 3D printing (3DP), also known as additive manufacturing. 3DP manufacturing enables enhanced drug delivery through novel dosage form options that go beyond the capabilities of conventional manufacturing technologies.