Newsletter | November 13, 2023

11.13.23 -- Strategies To Industrialize Lentivirus And AAV Processes



Interested in strategies to streamline your process development and manufacturing scale-up for lentivirus and AAV? Check out these resources.

How To Improve Lentivirus Polishing Recovery

In this study, we used capture with weak anion exchange and optimized the Capto™ Core 700 chromatography resin polishing step to maximize infectious recovery.


Scalable End-To-End AAV Process, Including Baseline Capsid Separation

Cytiva scientists lend their insights from two years’ work. Includes upstream, downstream, and analytics. Get details on baseline separation of empty and full capsids with a single chromatography resin and buffer for multiple recombinant AAV serotypes.



Bridging The Distance To Large-Scale GMP Manufacturing Of Viral Vectors

AGC Biologics discusses their journey to successful implementation of iCELLis™ bioreactors in their AAV and lentivirus platforms. These bioreactors are used in several commercial processes for viral vector manufacturing in adherent cells.



AAV Workflow Animation

Got two minutes? Explore valuable insights into the challenges and triumphs of adeno-associated virus (AAV) manufacturing.

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