Secure Remote Work Software For Life Sciences

Source: Egnyte
Egnyte Secure Remote

Make remote work easier with secure file access, sharing and collaboration.

The Power of Many Tools. In One Cloud Content Governance Platform.

Enable secure enterprise file sharing for your business. Employees gain the freedom to roam, without the hassles of VPN. Admins gain full control and visibility over content—no matter the device, app, cloud or location.

Help Everyone Get the Right File at the Right time. Fast.

Easily grant access to employees, partners, and vendors, to collaborate on files from any device. Smart caching provides fast performance at remote offices. Smart recommendations surface relevant content for users, fueling productivity.

Gain Visibility into Content Across Apps

Remote work opens the door to new tools. But also makes it harder to control content across those tools. Egnyte’s automated insights extend to all apps users rely on. Admins can monitor files wherever they’re shared: Microsoft Teams, Slack, GSuite, and hundreds of other apps.

Make External Collaboration Secure. And simple.

Don’t let a great partner’s documents end up unopened. Or in the wrong hands. External collaborators can drop files into secure upload folders, or be granted long-term access with dedicated accounts. Admins control who sees what. And work stays on track.

Stop Stressing about Compliance

Regulators don’t stop working just because you’re working remotely. Use compliance templates to classify files across repositories and automate reporting. Uncover redundant, outdated, and trivial data (ROT) with ML-driven insights. Run full audit reports quickly and easily.