Newsletter | September 14, 2023

09.14.23 -- RNA-LNP Therapeutic Strategies | LNP Formulation, Scale-Up, IND-enabling Studies

Lowering The Lipid Barrier: Enabling Any Scientist To Be A Genomic Medicine Developer

Fast Track RNA-LNP development and streamline screening with off-the-shelf ionizable lipid mixes. Utilize these validation strategies using ready-made formulations to generate reproducible and scalable LNPs for lead candidates.


Establish Effective Models Early: Scaling Ionizable Lipids And LNP Technologies

Leveraging a well-characterized ionizable lipid portfolio can help identify a lead formulation that is easily produced across drug development stages, accelerating clinical evaluation and manufacturing. Discover how to reduce the risk, time, and cost of moving to the clinic.


Boost Regulatory Confidence: Recommendations For Investigational New Drug (IND) Approval

Starting with the end in mind allows developers to make strategic decisions early to streamline the process. Leverage the IND Knowledge Guide to help accelerate and strengthen IND filing of novel nanomedicines.


Leverage KOL Expertise: RNA-LNP Therapeutics Panel Discussion Highlights

Industry experts hosted great conversations on current and future trends, formulating successful lipid compositions and navigating the constantly evolving genomic medicine landscape. Read the Top 10 Insights from the panel discussion on topics from biodegradability to scale-up.