RepliGut® Planar

Source: Altis Biosystems

The monolayer format produces a continuous layer of stem or differentiated cells on a flat and porous surface.

Each tissue sample on the patent-pending RepliGut® kit features a biomimetic scaffold, which separates RepliGut® cells from the cassette’s porous membrane and allows RepliGut® cells to survive for a prolonged period. Without the RepliGut® scaffold, stem cells cannot survive on the cassette.

Luminal and basal reservoirs allow compounds and additional cell types to interact with the epithelial cells for side specific assays.

RepliGut® Planar was developed to replace Caco-2 cells (cancer cells) and animals, which are currently used as a part of compound screening during preclinical studies, before human testing. This 2D monolayer platform should provide much better results than current methods, since it uses proliferative stem cells and terminally differentiated cells.