News | September 3, 2019

Porsolt Increases Its Drug Discovery Service Capabilities With The Recent Expansion Of Its Research Facility

Laval, France /PRNewswire/ - Porsolt SAS, a long established preclinical screening, efficacy, and safety CRO, has completed a significant expansion of its research facility, adding a further 5,500 sq.ft. of experimental space.

The expansion integrates Porsolt's new areas of research, cutting edge technologies, increased in vitro capabilities, and growing portfolio of preclinical models. This enhances Porsolt's ability to employ predictive tools, including cell-based models, to meet the requirements of the pharmaceutical and biotech industries and optimize drug discovery pipelines.

The additional research space comprises in vitro laboratories including cell culture, flow cytometry, histology, imaging, and analysis, that have been incorporated from Fluofarma. Porsolt has also expanded its chemistry, biochemistry, biomarker, ex-vivo capabilities, and housing capacity for in vivo studies.

"This is reflective of the consistent growth of Porsolt SAS over recent years, incorporating new areas of research and specialized expertise," commented Dr. Guillaume Froget, President and CEO of Porsolt SAS. "This enables us to continue to meet the needs of our expanding global client base, covering more stages in the drug discovery process."

Porsolt has an international reputation for expertise in physio-pathological models, customized procedures, and tailored solutions for discovering treatments in multiple disease areas, including psychiatric and neurological disorders, oncology, acute and chronic pain, inflammation, cardiac and vascular diseases, metabolic and eating disorders, dermatology, and medical devices, using in vitro cell lines and in vivo disease models in multiple species. Porsolt also provides GLP safety evaluation of drug candidates from screening to regulatory studies before first-in-man administration, including predictive toxicology, full assessment of cardiac risk, and abuse and dependence liability.

About Porsolt
Porsolt SAS, located in Le Genest-Saint-Isle, France, works with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, academic institutes, and not-for-profit organizations, offering specialized preclinical testing services across many disease areas, physiological systems and processes. Porsolt provides services in vitro and in vivo discovery, screening, efficacy and safety pharmacology using standardized and innovative techniques in full compliance with GLP (ICH S7). For additional information about the organization, please visit or email us at

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